Staying Positive

Staying Positive

Though A to Zen is not currently open, we want to provide an ongoing “place” of healing for our clients and will use our website/blog, email and social media pages to provide resources for wellness, relaxation and stress management. We have already posted seven (7)...
Relax Anywhere with Free Guided Meditations

Relax Anywhere with Free Guided Meditations

With all the current stress “in the air” at the moment, I wanted to share some tools I created a few year ago. Use them to help yourself and those around you relax today and in the weeks to come. Relaxation is so important in keeping your immune system...

Important Notice

A to Zen is not open at this time and
has left our State Street location. We are not accepting appointments or selling gift certificates for any services.

Please visit the "Our Therapists" page to connect with team members who are offering massage in other locations. Additional referral information is here.

If you have a gift certificate or credit you would like to use with a participating therapist or business, please email us using the contact form to verify the value.

Be sure to include your name and contact information as well as the gift certificate number or purchaser's name so we can look it up BEFORE scheduling an appointment.


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