People choose to receive massage to find a safe place in which to let their mind and body relax and begin the healing process. We are honored you have chosen A to Zen as a place to reconnect with yourself and want to do whatever possible to help you feel comfortable and at ease while you are here.

Although there are a wide array of massage styles and techniques offered in spas around the world, each offering a unique experience, they are all devoted to overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit. To enjoy your massage and spa experience to the fullest, please observe the Code of Conduct, act responsibly and be aware that common sense and personal awareness can help ensure your satisfaction, comfort and safety, as well as that of others.

We also know receiving massage can be an incredibly vulnerable experience. Most of the time you will be unclothed to some degree, at times lying face down, and someone you may not know will be touching you. We want you to know you are always in charge when you are receiving a massage so that you always feel safe and comfortable while you are here. Please read and use this as a guide any time you receive a massage here or elsewhere.

As a Client of A to Zen, it is your responsibility to:


  1. Communicate your preferences, expectations and concerns
  2. Communicate complete and accurate health information and reasons for your visit
  3. Treat staff and other guests with courtesy and respect
  4. Use products, equipment and therapies as directed
  5. Engage in efforts to preserve the quiet and tranquil environment
  6. Adhere to the spa’s published policies and procedures.

    As a Client of A to Zen, you have the right to:
    – A clean, safe and comfortable environment
    – Stop a treatment at any time, for any reason
    – Be treated with consideration, dignity and respect
    – Confidential treatment of your disclosed health information
    – Trained staff who respectfully conduct treatments according to treatment protocols and the spa’s policies and procedures
    – Ask questions about your massage and spa experience
    – Information regarding staff training, licensing and certification



  1. Your Massage Session is supposed to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment. If you’re uncomfortable for any reason, please tell your Massage Therapist. Please speak up and let us know what we can do to make your massage better😊!
  2. You have the right to refuse massage on any area of your body. So, if you don’t like oil in your hair or your feet are ticklish, ask the therapist to skip those areas.


  1. Massage work on the pectoral/upper chest area can be very beneficial as these muscles are quite contracted on many people. However, if you are uncomfortable with this type of work, please tell your Massage Therapist to avoid the area.
  2. Massage on the stomach and glutes (buttocks) can be very beneficial with some pain issues and conditions, but not all clients are comfortable receiving massage on those areas. If you want to include massage on the stomach or glute areas in your massage, please provide your consent on your form. Your Massage Therapist may also discuss this with you so please tell them your preferences.
  3. If you feel unsafe for any reason, tell your Massage Therapist. They want and need to figure out what’s wrong and make whatever adjustments are needed so you feel safe. Please share what is on your mind so we can put you at ease😊!
  4. If you want to pause or stop the session and leave for any reason, tell your Massage Therapist. This could include anything from feeling sick, needing to use the restroom, or just not enjoying the experience. It’s not going to hurt their feelings and we don’t want to subject you to an experience you don’t want.
  5. If you feel like you need to cry or share other emotions, let it out. The massage rooms and all of A to Zen is a safe space for our clients. Talk if you need to or be silent. We will keep it all confidential.
  6. Your massage is your time. Please tell your Massage Therapist if there’s something they need to do to help you have the best massage experience possible.
  7. Let us know what we can do better. If you have feedback on something that didn’t go smoothly or on what we could do better, please share the information with the front desk. If possible, they will address your concerns immediately and/or contact the owner or manager. If you need to reach the owner directly for any reason, you may do so via email at or by text or call at 336.508.0790.


Thank you for choosing A to Zen as a place to experience massage, relaxation and healing. We truly LOVE our clients and hope to see you again and again!

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