At A to Zen, we are committed as always, to creating a positive environment of love, health and wellness for our clients and staff. To that end, we are following CDC recommendations by adding extra precautions for clients and staff to help combat the Corona Virus.
  • Though our Massage Team already washes hands before and after every client, follows Universal Precautions, and uses clean sheets for every session, we are all stepping up personal hand-washing and sanitizing work spaces throughout the day.
  • We have increased the amount of sanitizing surfaces clients and therapists come in contact with before, during and/or after appointments including counter tops, restrooms, and all service areas.
  • We have hand sanitizer available throughout the spa and/or are providing individual sanitizing wipes for clients to use before and after each appointment.
  • Between clients, we are misting each room with a non-toxic aromatherapy spray – 91% isopropyl alcohol blended w/distilled water & essential oils shown effective in fighting colds, flu and viruses.
Additionally, to further combat potential for spreading illness, we have:
  • Asked our staff to self-screen (see below).
  • Removed robes from massage rooms (available by request or for those with multiple services)
  • Temporarily suspended use of our saunas, foot baths and body wraps.
  • Limited use of water/tea stations in waiting areas to single use cups.
  • Removed shared candy dishes (wrapped candy still available upon request)
Here is how you can help:

1) SELF-SCREEN – Please honestly assess if in the last 14 days you have:

  • any cold or flu symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, sneezing, chills, aches, runny nose, etc.)
  • traveled outside of the country
  • been on a cruise
  • flown
  • been in a high occurrence or risk area
If you answer yes to any of those, please call us to reschedule for another day after the 14 period ends. If you suddenly have symptoms and are beyond our normal 24 hour cancellation period, please cancel anyway and we will not charge you.
Additionally, if you are a member of a high risk group (over 65 or someone with compromised immunity), we suggest you consider rescheduling upcoming appointments until the virus scare has passed.
2) WASH YOUR HANDS upon entering the building, use hand sanitzer and/or use a wipe before your appointment. Use a second wipe on your hands after the session and use it to open the massage room door when you leave the room.
3) LIMIT YOUR TOUCHES – Please hang clothes on hook/hanger on treatment room door rather than leaving on chair or floor. Put personal items such as watches, jewelry or phones in a pocket or your purse.
We believe that the positive benefits of regular stress reduction and pain management outweigh the risks of receiving massage and will continue to provide massage services as usual, of course informing you of any new recommendations or changes as they evolve.
We encourage you to learn more about how you can stay healthy by visiting the websites below.
Thank you for your continued love, support and business. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate our current situation together. Be safe and stay well!
Felicia Brown – Owner
& the A to Zen Team


Exciting News!
As of Friday Sept 11, 2020, A to Zen Massage is open for returning clients and members! 


Our initial hours are:

Friday 9/11 & 9/18/2020 - 12 PM - 8 PM

Saturday 9/12 & 9/19/2020 - 10 AM - 6 PM

Sunday 9/12/2020 & 9/20/2020 - 12 PM - 8 PM

Monday 9/13/2020 & 9/21/2020 - 10 AM - 6 PM


For now, we will be offering 60 and 90 Minute Custom Massages only.
As we get used to our new schedules and cleaning routines, we plan to add additional services, more hours and additional Massage Therapists.
We also plan to be taking new clients in the coming weeks.
Please call 336.334.0044 to request your appointment today!

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