Couple's Massage Service

Relax together on side-by-side heated tables. You’ll still get a customized massage that suits your own relaxation and pain relief needs and follow up on home care and wellness needs.

60 Minute Massage $85 per person
$75 for New Clients

90 Minute Massage $125 per person
$115 for New Clients

NOTE: Due to the high volume of Couples’ Massages we schedule, please CALL the office to schedule your  Couples’ Massage Session at 336.334.0044. It is a more efficient and less confusing process – and we want to hear your beautiful voice:-)

If you want to email us as a starting point, feel free to do so at and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we are able. Please include your phone number, preferred days, dates, and times for the appointments as well as the length of massage and your names. We will call you to finalize the appointments. Thank you for you help and understanding!

Request Your Appointment

Fill out the form below to request a Couples Massage appointment. Please put in your desired days and times. 

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