Cupping Massage

Massage cupping is a bodywork approach based on an ancient healthcare practice of using cup shaped objects to create suction on the skin for various health and wellness benefits. The cups are moved over the skin, softening superficial fascia, which can bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and loosen adhesions and scar tissue. Massage cupping is also an excellent means of assisting with the flow of lymph, which aids in the body’s natural process of detoxification.

Cupping is usually done in select areas, but can also be done on the full body. Because of the extra time and care this technique takes, we offer the following guidelines when scheduling:


Do you want massage and cupping only on one specific area such as your lower back or shoulder?
Schedule a 60 Minute Custom Massage with Cupping added. The therapist will focus mainly on the troubled area.
Do you want a full body massage with cupping only in specific areas?
Schedule a 90 Minute Custom Massage with Cupping added. The therapist will provide a full body massage and provide Cupping on the troubled areas.

60 Minute Massage with Cupping

$90 New Client

90 Minute Massage with Cupping

$130 New Client


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