Over the past month, nearly every day the media has brought new allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against everyone from powerful Hollywood executives and politicians to national massage therapy franchises including Massage Envy.
Like anyone who has read or heard about these terrible incidents, the entire team at A to Zen is saddened and shocked to learn of such negative touch-related experiences. I feel we must address and raise awareness of these kinds of issues directly and work together to protect all who walk through our doors.
With a motto and mantra of LOVE OUR CLIENTS, our highest aim at A to Zen is to provide a place of safety, peace, acceptance and caring where everyone who walks through our doors may find healing. We do not tolerate abusive, discriminatory, harassing or sexualized comments, actions or behavior in the spa from staff, clients or other visitors. 

As always, we are doing everything possible to maintain a safe and positive environment for both clients and employees. As a part of that, we’ve outlined several ways A to Zen is different from larger spas and chains to assure all clients that you are in good hands at our spa:

1) A to Zen is locally owned and operated by Felicia Brown, LMBT (me – the author of this post). I am still a licensed, practicing Massage Therapist and am in the spa on an almost daily basis. I practice a very open, collaborative style of leadership and management, endeavoring to treat all team members respectfully – like family, really – and to make all clients feel welcome in my little business.
2) As a 24 year veteran of the massage and spa industry, I also represent the massage and spa industry at many state, national and international conferences and events.  One of my areas of expertise and regular classes is Professional Ethics (which covers topics such as draping, professional boundaries, professional conduct, etc). I teach this at least 1-2 times a year at A to Zen both for our staff and outside therapists. Additionally, I regularly advise attorneys working on legal cases related to this area.
3)  Our entire massage therapy staff has been hired because of a) a past positive working relationship with me  b) a recommendations from one or more of my trusted colleagues or staff members and/or c) a referral from Living Arts Institute, a local massage therapy school where I serve on the Advisory Board.  They are all licensed by and have had background checks through the NC Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. Beyond that, they are all heart-centered, caring professionals who make coming to work a joy every day.
4) I regularly receive massage from everyone on our staff and provide coaching and tutoring on any areas where I feel they need work. Most of the therapists on our staff also trade services with each other, so we are all very familiar with each other’s strengths and skill-sets.
5) We are a close-knit, team who work together to help each other get better every day.  We actively encourage feedback from and give it to each other so we can do our best for every client, every time.
6) We actively encourage feedback from YOU. We want to to tell us if there is ever anything that we can do to make you more comfortable at A to Zen. As I tell my own massage clients, I try to read minds but it doesn’t always work. Please speak up in your session if the pressure is too much/not enough; if you feel cold/hot; dislike the music; or feel uncomfortable for any reason. You won’t hurt our feelings – we want to know!

7) Similarly, we ask our therapists to communicate with you as much as they feel is necessary before, during and after each session. This helps determine your goals for the session and find how the two of you can best work together to reach those goals. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and to do whatever we can to make A to Zen like home for you.

8) We make it easy for you to reach us. You can call the spa at 336.334.0044 or email us at Info@atozenmassage.com. You can also email me directly at Felicia@spalutions.com or call/text me at 336.508.0790 with any questions the front desk can’t answer or comments you prefer to share with me directly. Of course, we love hearing the good stuff too and appreciate all the positive reviews so many of you have shared. (Note: Please do not call or email me to book appointments with our team or other services. I am definitely not the most efficient resource for doing this:-)

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping keep A to Zen a healing, caring and safe space for all. We’ll be sharing more updates related to our own internal efforts to do so in the coming weeks.
Thank you, as always, for your business and trust. We value each and every one of you and look forward to a long-lasting relationship together!
With love and respect –

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