Thank you for deciding to visit A to Zen! If you are planning to purchase a Groupon – or have already – you will want to be aware of the following conditions and specifics that affect your purchase.

Note: If you are a new client and have not already purchased a Groupon voucher, we will be happy to give you the same offer directly through A to Zen if it is still an active offer. Call us at 336.334.0044 for details on how to purchase.

Groupon Policies

1) Groupon Deals are for NEW clients only. If you have been to A to Zen before – for any service – you are no longer considered a new client.  You will be able to apply the purchase price of your Groupon to whatever regularly priced service(s) you choose to schedule. You may also give it to a friend or family member who is not yet a client.

2) We require 24 hours notice on all cancellations, including Groupons.  If you are unable to give 24 hours notice and we are unable to reschedule the time you reserved with another client, your Groupon voucher will be charged the full fee for ALL services scheduled and no longer valid.

3) As with all our services, there are a limited number of Groupon appointments available each day, especially on weekends and around holidays. On Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day weekends and holidays, we cannot accept Groupon appointments and appreciate your understanding . Please plan accordingly. (See below for updated information on using Groupons on Saturdays). Although we will do our very best to accommodate your requests for a specific date, time or service, this may not always be possible, especially during peak times such as evenings and weekends. If you have an exact requirement or restriction for when you want an appointment, please schedule as far in advance as possible.

4) Once your Groupon expires, you MAY use it for the original purchase price towards any of our regularly priced services. It may not be combined with any discounts, specials, third party vouchers or certificates.

5) Groupons MAY NOT be combined with any other specials, offers or discounts. They may not be used in conjunction with any other 3rd Party Gift Certificates.

6) Groupons MAY NOT be split up. Each voucher or deal is good for ONE person only unless it was purchased for a Couples’ Service.

7) Policies above also apply to ALL 3rd-party vouchers.

8) Groupons MAY NOT be used with groups of more than 3 people. 

Groupon FAQ

Q. I purchased an Infrared Sauna Session or Salt Therapy Session from Groupon. Can I use my voucher for a massage instead?

A. Unfortunately no. Massage is our MOST popular service and in higher demand than anything else we offer. Thus, we do not discount them at such a high level as the services listed above. Instead, we offer new client pricing on these services all year long.

Q. Can my spouse/friend and I use our vouchers to get services together in the same room?

A. Yes and No. Our Salt Room can accommodate 2 people at a time so you can use them together for that service. Our Infrared Saunas are private, however, and may only be used by one person at a time.

Q. I have a group that wants to come in together. Are there any restrictions for using Groupon for groups?

A. We love groups and want to help you celebrate your special event, birthday or time together! However, due to the amount of time and coordination required for scheduling and properly caring for groups, we are not able to accept Groupons for groups of four (4) or more. Please visit our Groups Page for more information on scheduling your group.

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