“She who knows life flows, feels no wear or tear, needs no mending or repair.”
~ Buddha

The weeks around Christmas are usually a time of caring for stressed out clients and anxious gift certificate buyers at A to Zen. This year has been a bit different to say the least.

Instead, it is the start of an “intermission” for A to Zen as we have decided to officially pause operations and say goodbye to our space on State Street. Yes this was a very difficult choice and one I have struggled with for months. However, our landlord’s requirement of a new multi-year lease in this uncertain time was a blessing in disguise as it made the decision for me.

Last week Mary, Mark, Silvia, Andrew, Ke’Andre, Jo and I began to pack up the spa .Today, a “pod” will be delivered so we can store most everything from A to Zen and have it easily moved to a new location when COVID is under control and we find our new home.

Though we will miss our special space on State Street, we are so grateful for the seven years A to Zen has been there. I have been in that location for over 14 wonderful years total and feel like I am leaving my home.

However, I am excited about the options for re-opening when we get to the other side of this “adventure” and time. This may be a few or many months from now. The future is just too uncertain to know at this point. While the new vaccines make us hopeful this will be sooner rather than later, there are no guarantees and so we patiently pause for now.

Rather than being sad about this change, I am choosing to look at this as an opportunity for new experiences for everyone connected to A to Zen, and invite you to do so. Even though the spa is closed right now, the spirit and intention of A to Zen can be open, alive and well in ALL of us! Consider this:


  • Wherever we are and whatever we do, we can all choose to create or be “a place” of healing for every person we meet.
  • We can all choose to “love our clients” and others in our lives.
  • We can choose to create an atmosphere and aura of caring, calm and peace inside ourselves and around us wherever we are.
  • We can choose to help those around us succeed and to help others because we can make a difference in both our lives by doing so.
By each of us carrying forth the mission, mantra and spirit of A to Zen outside those walls and into our lives, A to Zen becomes more than a place. It is an attitude, an intention, a mindset, an energy and a LOVE that each of us carries. I am grateful that even when closed, A to Zen can be bigger and more beautiful than ever as each person connected to it “holds the space” for it in this way. Thank you for being a part of that vision.
We are primarily referring our massage gift certificate, package and MMP clients to Back in Balance Massage. Two of their staff members (Jessica Outlaw Lucas and Sharon Genwright) are former A to Zen therapists so we feel very confident about their skills and professionalism. (Check bottom of the page for additional options.)  Sharon Genwright is coordinating our clients and can be reached at sharongenwright@massagetherapy.com or 336.215.0536.
We are referring our Salt Therapy Clients to Seahorse Salon and Spa. Learn more at SeahorseSalonandSpa.com
If you have credits, gift certificates or vouchers outstanding, please email me to confirm your available balance before contacting Back in Balance or Seahorse Salon & Spa. Though the partnering businesses, therapists and myself can often respond to emails faster, please allow 24-48 hours for a response about your credits.
Gift certificates which have expiration dates in 2020/thru March 2021 will be extended to 12/31/2021.
Massage Team Info
Those in bold are accepting A to Zen Credits and gift certificates.
  • Silvia Durango is in private practice in Greensboro. She may be reached at s_durango11@yahoo.com or 336.252.9699.
  • Ke’Andre Stephenson is available for outcalls and is also seeing clients at Massage Envy. He may be reached at kmstevenson17@gmail.com or 980.295.6685
  • Donald Osborne is at Hand & Stone and is in private practice. He may be reached at 336.327.6748 or donald.osborne@outlook.com.
  • Randi Hunsucker is in private practice in Greensboro. She may be reached at http://therapeuticintentionsgso.com.
  • Adam Merchant is at Massage Envy.
  • Etiska Goolsby, Jennifer Wolford, Nikki Conrad, Afton Reitzel, Dee Manieri and Rebecca Benson are all in private practice. Some are accepting referrals for their past clients – please contact me if you would like me to share your information with them.
  • To our knowledge, Tom, Billy, Fran, Tom, Kat, Bonnie, Gabriela, Elaine, Bonnie, and Alicia are not currently practicing massage.
  • Mark, Andrew and Mary are pausing on massage for the moment and exploring other career options.
  • I am focusing on consulting, writing and speaking about marketing, business and lifestyle topics.
  • Visit the Our Therapists page to learn more details about other past staff members.
The spa’s phone number, email, website and social media pages are active but we are not checking them regularly.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly.
On behalf of myself and the entire team at A to Zen – past and present – I thank you for making the last 7+ years on State Street an amazing experience and success. We LOVE everyone who has been a part of our time there and look forward to seeing you in our new home wherever and whenever that is. We appreciate your support, business, kindness, friendship and energy. Here’s hoping that 2021 will be the best year for all of us.
With deep appreciation and love –

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