A to Zen is excited to announce the addition of Kat Greenfield, LMBT to our Massage Team. Until recently, Kat worked at Balance Day Spa, which our owner, Felicia, founded in 1996. Kat is excited to begin this next step in her professional journey and is accepting clients on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and Fridays thru Sundays during regular spa hours beginning Friday January 19th.

A little about Kat…

Kathy (Kat) Greenfield, LMBT is a graduate of The Cortiva Institute in Chicago, IL and also attended the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare. She enjoys working with clients dealing with pain management issues as well as those who just want to relax. As a doula, Kat also has a special interest in providing Pre-Natal Massages to expectant moms.

Kat chose a career in Massage Therapy because she finds it exciting to educate and encourage others to obtain stress reduction and help facilitate their overall wellness.  Her favorite thing about working with clients is meeting numerous unique individuals and creating a treatment session customized to their needs.

Get your first 60 or 90 Minute Custom Massage session with Kat for just $65/95! Request yours here or call us at 336.334.0044. You can also purchase Gift Certificates for a session with Kat or any of our team members here


What is Reflexology?

Foot Reflexology is specific massage to various points on the feet that relate to the organs and systems in the body. It feels great, helps restore balance in your body and relieves tension. During a treatment, you can experience deep relaxation and calm emotions.

Studies show that Foot Reflexology can reduce pain and anxiety and can reduce fatigue. This targeted service can also address specific issues in your body like migraines. Although it can’t specifically treat individual diseases or replace standard medical care, it does help your body release stress. This release helps your body to heal when it is dealing with an illness.

Your massage therapist will start by doing a consultation with you to discuss your areas of concern and medical issues. This is to ensure that we don’t exacerbate a condition. Foot Reflexology has limitations, like if you have an open wound on your feet. Pregnancy is also a time when you should be cautious, as it has been reported that stimulating certain reflexology points can lead to contractions.

During your appointment, you’ll lie on a massage table just as you would during a massage. Some people relax and fall asleep which is fine as you will still receive the benefits of Foot Reflexology even in a deep sleep. After a session, you may have increased energy, or you may be tired. Both reactions are quite normal. Your body may need additional sleep for healing purposes. Ultimately, the goal is increased mobility and relief from pain. It may take a few sessions to achieve the full benefits.

A To Zen Massage in Greensboro, NC offers Foot Reflexology alone or in combination with massage therapy. If you want to schedule a Foot Reflexology session or include as part of your massage, please mention it when scheduling your appointment.

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