LED Therapy for Pain Relief & Skin Rejuvenation

Service Description

Healthy collagen gives the skin its softness, resiliency, suppleness as well as its ability to repair itself. As we age, natural collagen production decreases, which brings on the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

Thankfully, there is help! Researchers from Montreal and Denmark have found that the use of LED light on the skin increases the production of collagen almost immediately, gently providing visible skin rejuvenation without any thermal injury or downtime.

Other studies from NASA and Harvard have also shown LED light to be helpful in the acceleration of healing wounds, nerves and deeper tissues as well as decreasing pain, inflammation and edema.

Results can be seen (or felt) with just one visit, with more dramatic results coming after multiple session in sequence or home use.  Sessions are approximately 15 to 30 minutes long and can be added to any other hands-on appointment or done alone. We also offer free demos periodically and encourage you to inquire about the next one at the front desk.

Single Treatment - Face Only


$49 (First Visit)

Single Treatment - Face & Neck


$79 (First Visit)

Single Treatment for Pain - 1 Area


$49 (First Visit)

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