Meditative Energy Healing

Using a combination of healing techniques including guided imagery, meditative breathing, Quantum Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki, and intuitive mindset alignment, Eduardo will guide you through a 60 or 90 minute minute session. These sessions are perfect for those who want to change negative habits such as smoking or over-eating; develop a new mind-set; break through emotional or mental blocks and barriers; improve pain management; harness personal power; heal emotional traumas; improve focus and concentration and a variety of other physical and/or emotional issues.

Energy healing sessions are done with clothes on and do not involve massage.

60 Minutes – $100 / 90 Minutes – $150 – First time clients – $85/$135

CLICK HERE or call 336.334.0044 to request a session.


About Eduardo

EduardoEduardo da Silva is a modern mystic, philosopher, and urban yogi that has been a leader in sub-conscious healing for nearly 2 decades.  He is a loving mentor, teacher, and bio-energy healer, experienced in the yogic sciences of Karma, Kundalini, and Kriya Yoga with the mission of supporting the awakening and expansion of the human consciousness by treating the body, mind and soul as one.

He was born in Brazil, where he was raised in a family that blended Christianity and mysticism, allowing him to learn religious and spiritual matters in greater depth. He has lived in America for nearly 20 years graduated with a Business degree from a prestigious university and has worked for more than 15 years in large international corporations, where he held various corporate positions and developed a passion for self-help and personal development, his life experiences have helped him gain greater insight into the struggles of the modern American life leading him to follow his passion for healing and empowering individuals.

He uses his training in yoga, qigong, christianity, mysticism, eastern and western philosophy, meditation, mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programing, and metaphysics to assist others in developing their higher brain functions, connect with their higher-self, improve their self-image, heal physical, emotional, and psychological wounds to strengthen the mind, build mental resilience, and reach higher states of mind to express and manifest their deepest longings and desires in order to live a happy, blissful, and conscious life.

Mr. da Silva’s approach has empowered and assisted many people to access and “re-wire” the subconscious mind to change self-limiting believes, and tap into their true potential to achieve their goals using ancient and modern meditation disciplines for mindset training to increase an individual’s resilience, abilities, empowerment, and sense of personal well-being.


Due to an Executive Order by the Governor of NC related COVID-19, A to Zen has been closed since late March. Though it is currently uncertain if the Order will be lifted or extended, it is certain we WILL reopen. However, we will not do so until we can properly protect our staff, clients and community. When we are ready to re-open, we will post that information here and send out an announcement to our clients. 


In the meantime, we are taking steps to make A to Zen as safe as possible. This includes purchasing air purifiers for all treatment rooms to continuously clean the air of viruses, bacteria & mold; updating sanitation and disinfection protocols for all areas of the spa; and getting our entire team certified in Spa Sanitation, among other things. 


Please stay connected with us as we share wellness, relaxation and stress management tips as well as ideas of self care, inspiration and mindful activities for adults and kids through our Facebook Community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1020732171632757/ Visit our Specials & Events Page for more ideas on how to relax , stay positive and provide support for our team during this off time.


Thank you for your support and business. Be well and stay safe!

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