Monthly Massage Program

Getting regular massage therapy can be an easy and affordable part of your self-care and wellness routine! With our MMP program, you can build massage costs into a convenient monthly debit or credit card payment. Getting massage once a month will offer you better results, less pain, decreased stress – and you’ll save money, too!

When you sign up for the Monthly Massage Program (MMP) you’ll get one session of the type and duration you sign up for per month. Any unused credits will “bank” in your account for whenever you want to use them. You’ll also get MMP pricing on any other applicable massages each month you’re a part of the program + new client pricing on Infrared Salt Saunas, Infrared Mats, Salt Therapy Room and Ion Cleanse Foot Baths.

Conditions and Restrictions
~ MMP Programs are not currently available with Felicia or Elaine.

~ Discounted services are for the MMP Member only.
~ MMP Massages are not eligible for any additional discounts or promotions.
~ Credits may be upgraded to longer sessions but may not be split into shorter sessions.
~ MMP cancellations require 7 days notice. If you cancel before the 4th consecutive paid month, you must pay the difference in price between the MMP sessions and regular fees + cost of bonuses received.
~ Clients may cancel MMP program one (1) time within a 6 month period & be able to re-enroll.
~ We do not offer refunds on the MMP Program. However, MMP credits may be used by other clients (with your permission) or given as a gift by paying a $15 transfer fee per session transferred. 


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