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A to Zen Massage is located at 523 State Street in Greensboro, NC. This is part of the State Street Shoppes (tan buildings with green striped awnings.) Our building is between La Bamba restaurant and the building on the corner of State and Golden Gate. However our entrances are on the lower level/parking lot side of the building facing Cornwallis Drive and Subway/Golden Gate Shopping Center. USING GPS: Type in the address 507 (for Lillo Bella’s) which is on the upper level/street side part of the building. When you arrive, pull into the parking lot and around to the back of the building. If you come in from Cornwallis, our building is in the State Street Shoppes row directly behind Subway.

Main Door

Massage Therapy and Most Other Services

A to Zen’s main door is on the lower level/parking lot side of the building. The sign says A to Zen – Massage Center. Look for the RED door, planters of rosemary and wind chimes beside the stairs. This is the only RED door in the building so it should be easy to spot.

Yoga Studio


Follow the directions above but enter at 525 State Street which is in the same building just two doors down. Look for the GREEN door and shutters. The sign says A to Zen – Yoga Studio!

Wellness Suites Entrance

Permanent Make-Up by Melodie

Follow the directions above but enter at 521 State Street which is in the same building just one door down. Look for the BLUE door! The sign says A to Zen – Wellness Suites!

A to Zen is Now Open for New and Returning Clients

Hours of Operation

Thursday & Friday - 12 PM to 8 PM

Saturday, Sunday and Monday - 10 AM to 6 PM


At present, we are offering 60 and 90 Minute Custom Massages only.

Due to COVID, Couples Massages aren't available, but we can schedule 2 sessions at the same time in separate rooms :-)

Please call 336.334.0044 to request your appointment today!


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