Meet The Staff of A to Zen Massage

Our Owner
Felicia Brown, LMBT
NC LMBT# 798


Felicia Brown is the owner of A to Zen as well as a licensed massage therapist. She has been voted Best Massage Therapist in the Triad by the readers of GoTriad Magazine and has worked with a number of her loyal clients since she began her practice in 1994. Felicia specializes in blending pain relief, pampering and deep relaxation using a variety of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage as well as Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release.

Felicia is also the founder of Balance Day Spa, a full-service day spa which grew out of her original massage practice. Though she sold Balance in 2005, Felicia continues to provide training, education and marketing coaching for massage, spa, and wellness professionals. (Visit her coaching website at She is a sought-after public speaker with appearances at many national and international conferences and is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach.  She is also the author of six books, including Every Touch MarketingCreating Lifetime Clients, Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage Spa & Wellness Business, Wisdom of the Stone and The Sunflower Princess, all of which are available at A to Zen and on Amazon. Several of her books are also available in Spanish.

Felicia is driven to inspire her massage clients as well as other massage/spa professionals and entrepreneurs. Her personal philosophy is to share her knowledge and experiences with others to help them become successful. This practice of “cooperative competition” has been a cornerstone of her career ever since she became a massage therapist in 1994. Felicia continues to apply this way of thinking in her coaching, consulting and teaching.

A native of Greensboro, North Carolina, Felicia is a casually competitive triathlete who also enjoys running, yoga, reading, cooking, travel, and spa/travel adventures of most any sort. She likes volunteering and has worked in the past with the Melanoma Research Foundation, Greensboro Jaycees, Mobile Meals, Triad Health Project, The MS Society, and MDA to name a few. Felicia is married to David Clayton, and together they have two dogs, Dolly and Pogo, both who are rescues.

Jessica Outlaw Lucas, LMBT

NC LMBT #11199

Jessica Outlaw graduated from the massage program at Everest College in 2011. Her touch varies from incredibly gentle and intuitive to just the right amount of firmness in areas that are sore or tense. She has developed a loyal client following at A to Zen in Greensboro, NC.

What Jessica most loves about being a massage therapist: “I love how I can gain the trust of a total stranger just in a short amount of time with just a simple touch. And I love how a client can come in with a frown and I can get them to walk out of the door with the biggest smile on their face. Just to know that I made a difference in someone’s life, that warms my heart.”

Jessica loves working with people who have a positive attitude, are understanding, and are truly appreciative of massage therapy. She also loves clients who communicate and give feedback about her work. “I want my clients to be comfortable and pleased with each session so they will continue to come back.”

Billy Johnson, LMBT

NC LMBT #4689

Billy Johnson lives in Greensboro, NC. He has been a massage therapist since 2004 and is a graduate of the Professional Massage Program at Guilford Technical Community College. His favorite type of massage to do is Swedish Massage since it’s good for relieving pain and muscle tension. It not only addresses your ailments, but will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed, as well.

Billy says: “My favorite type of clients to work with are ones who bring good energy into a session; that allow themselves to relax and show their appreciation for my work afterwards. Not only are they given good energy but they are passing it on as well.”

Elaine Phillips Blackwell, LMBT

NC LMBT#10742

Elaine Phillips graduated from Kneaded Energy School of Massage in Greensboro, NC in 2010. She chose Massage as a profession because she wanted to be able to see a difference in people –especially when they are stressed and upset – and to see them leave relaxed and in a better state of mind.

Elaine loves to do a variety of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Therapeutic Bamboo, Sticks & Stones (deep tissue using both hot stones and warm bamboo), Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Prenatal, Chair Massage, and Medical Massage.

Elaine says: “I love making a difference. I enjoy working with clients and being able to watch their progression towards wellness.”

Donald Osborne, LMBT

NC LMBT #10341

Donald Osborne graduated from the Living Arts Institute in Winston-Salem, N in 2013 with honors. He has also a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Fordham University in the Bronx, NY.

Donald’s massage techniques include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Foot Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Oncology Massage and Sports Massage. His intuitive touch is soothing yet deep, helping your pain and tension to gently melt away as you relax under his touch.

Donald says: “I love this job. Hearing my clients say I found areas they did not even realize were troubling them before coming to me, leaving them totally relaxed and rejuvenated is wonderful. I feel my psychology degree adds to my ability to connect with my clients, not just on a muscular level but also on a mental level, as it gives me the insight to just be able to listen.  This enables them to feel at ease both mentally and physically while on my table.  Having the ability to ease my clients’ pain and tension – and being told I have ‘healing hands/touch’ – are the most rewarding things for me. Did I mention I love this job?!”
Donald is available for appointments evenings after five and on Saturdays.

Gabriella Spang, LMBT

NC LMBT #12512

Gabriela has the unique benefit of being a second-generation massage therapist. From an early age, she internalized the value of massage, for both relaxation and pain relief, and continues to utilize this wealth of informal training in her own massage practice.

Gabriela completed formal training at the Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville, NC in 2012. She was affectionately nicknamed “Teacher” by her class because of her natural talent for helping her classmates understand tough concepts and techniques. And in fact, Gabriela is a Credentialed Birth-Three Montessori Educator with 10 years experience working with children. Gabriela puts clients at ease who are new to massage or may be unsure of how massage may benefit them. She loves to talk with her clients about stress, discomfort, or pain they may be experiencing so they can get the maximum benefit from their massage session and leave feeling empowered and educated about their unique situation and workable solutions.

Gabriela is passionate about sharing the myriad benefits of custom massage with her clients at A to Zen. In particular, she enjoys working with clients who are seeking a blend of relaxation massage and pain relief – and who are eager to make regular massage a part of their self care plan! Gabriela welcomes a diverse clientele, including pediatric and geriatric clients. Her goal is to partner with each client so that their session is truly personalized! Her skills include Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Prenatal, and Hot Stone. She also offers hands on, interactive Parent-Baby massage classes that empower parents to use safe, nurturing touch as part of their parenting tool kit.

In her free time Gabriela enjoys spending time with her friends and family (husband, step-children and animals), cooking, doing yoga, and getting outdoors!

Dee Manieri, LMBT

NC LMBT #7314

Dee Manieri, LMBT is a native of Greensboro, NC and 2007 graduate of the Professional Massage Therapy Program at GTCC. She enjoys working with clients that need pain relief, as well as some relaxation and stress relief. Her areas of focus include Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Heated Bamboo, Prenatal, Fertility, and Reflexology and will soon add Face Lift Massage to her repertoire.

“I feel I’m very good at customizing every client’s massage session to their wants and needs to get a results-oriented massage session. I am also enjoy doing a more focused massage session, especially, if a client just needs a specific area worked on for the whole massage session time. One of my future goals is to teach massage therapy or esthetics continuing education classes.”

Bonnie Campbell, LMBT

NC LMBT #15340

Bonnie Campbell, LMBT began her massage journey in Long Island, NY. Born and raised in the quaint village of Northport, she earned honor roll at the New York College of Health Professions, studying and practicing in their Massage Therapy Program. Upon relocating to the beautiful state of North Carolina Bonnie continued her education of Massage Therapy, graduating as Salutatorian of her class at Living Arts Institute of Winston-Salem in September of 2015.

Bonnie’s approach to massage is both practical and focused with techniques ranging from firm and therapeutic deep tissue to the calming and intuitive fluidity of the Swedish “dance.” Bonnie primarily uses a blend of these styles in her massage to promote relaxation and therapeutic effects. She is also trained in a plethora of other massage techniques such as Sports, Chair, Pre-natal, Reflexology and Hot or Cold Stones.
“My favorite sessions are those in which I can incorporate different yet similar styles and strokes for an integrated massage or ‘free-style’ approach. I love what it offers my clients in terms of results. We are all so different and unique. Mixing styles to create the perfect custom massage has proven to be the most beneficial to my clients!”
Bonnie is available by appointment at A to Zen throughout the week. Her schedule is somewhat flexible and whenever possible, she is more than accommodating to meet the needs of her clients.

Etiska Goolsby, LMBT Bio

NC LMBT #16080

Etiska Goolsby is a graduate of the Massage Therapy Program at Living Arts Institute in Winston-Salem, NC. She enjoys relaxation massages with variations of pressure to relieve muscle tension, pain, and the daily stress that can leave most of us drained. Etiska enjoys incorporating aromatherapy during her sessions to enhance relaxation and to help relieve congestion, headaches, and seasonal allergies.

Etiska’s passion for massage has lead her to working with helping clients reduce their stress levels by receiving regular massages. Educating her clients on the benefits of receiving regular massage help keep one’s life in balance as a whole, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, frequent weekend get-a-ways, riding her bike on nature trails and exploring new restaurants.

Stephanie LoPresti, LMBT

NC LMBT #15247

Stephanie LoPresti is a graduate of Kneaded Energy School of Massage in Greensboro. She most enjoys offering a blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage to provide relaxation and pain relief.
Stephanie was drawn to Massage Therapy as a profession because she enjoys working with people in a hands-on way to help them with pain management and self-care. She enrolled in school so she could develop her passion for helping others through touch.
Stephanie is usually available for appointments from 10 AM until 2 PM on Thursday – Sunday. 


Afton Reitzel, LMBT

NC LMBT #16834

Afton Reitzel is a graduate of Living Arts Institute in Winston Salem. She most enjoys offering a blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage to provide relaxation, pampering and pain relief.
Afton was drawn to Massage Therapy as a profession because of how it had helped her mother and father with ongoing pain issues. This led her to want to help other clients who could benefit from the benefits of massage.
Afton is usually available for appointments from 10 AM until 3 PM on Mondays & Thursday – Sat. She is also available two Sundays afternoons a month.


DeLaney Henderson, LMBT

NC LMBT #16417

DeLaney Henderson was born and raised here in the Triad. She graduated from Kneaded Energy School of Massage in 2016 and practices multiple types of massage Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot stone, Prenatal, and Sports. She enjoys customizing each session to fit the individual needs of her client.

DeLaney originally became interested in massage because of her mother, a nurse. While DeLaney was growing up, Mom would often come home after a long day with sore feet and a headache. DeLaney would often massage her mom to help her feel better – and the rest is history!

DeLaney says, “My favorite part of being a massage therapist is providing an oasis in someone’s life where they can leave their worries and stresses outside.”

DeLaney is usually available for appointments Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 AM until closing.


Tonya Childress Cress, LMBT

NC LMBT #14591

Tonya Childress Cress, LMBT is a graduate of the Living Arts Institute in Winston Salem, NC where she earned the title of Valedictorian for her graduating class. Tonya’s passion for massage is evident and has helped her create a very loyal clientele in just a few months.

Tonya enjoys helping her clients get out of pain and incorporate regular massage as part of a healthy lifestyle. Though her work focuses on Deep Tissue and Sports Massage techniques, Tonya is also certified in Prenatal Massage and enjoys providing massage to expectant moms. She is also trained in Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology and has aspirations to learn many other modalities. When not at A to Zen, Tonya loves spending time with her kids, playing softball, or hitting the road on her motorcycle.

Tonya is no longer accepting new clients. Therapists with similar styles include Jessica Outlaw, one of our Senior Therapists. We also recommend Bonnie, Kelsey and Afton who also attended Living Arts School of Massage and enjoy providing pain relief and specific/focused work.

Andrew Bushnoe, LMBT

NC LMBT #16242

Andrew Bushnoe, LMBT is a graduate of Kneaded Energy School of Massage in Greensboro, NC. Because Andrew’s mother is also a massage therapist (practicing in South Carolina), he has been exposed to the world of massage since he was 15 years old and a supporter of Alternative Therapies since childhood. Andrew is also a Martial Artist, studying Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.

As a Massage Therapist, Andrew enjoys helping people relax and relieve any stress or tension they may be holding on to. In addition to helping people de-stress, Andrew wants to help his clients attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the future, he also hopes to become a personal trainer as well.

Kelsey Crews, LMBT

NC LMBT #16828

Kelsey Crews is a graduate of Living Arts Institute in Winston Salem, where she graduated with honors. She enjoys both Swedish and Deep Tissue work as she feels they are both highly beneficial. Kelsey has a strong desire to heal her clients and loves working with anyone who needs her healing touch.
Kelsey has goals to develop her skills and learn a variety of modalities. For now, she specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue, offering 30, 60, 90 and even 120 minute sessions. When not massaging, she can be found crafting, hanging out with friends, or even just learning more about the history of massage.
Kelsey is usually available for appointments Thursday through Monday from noon until closing.


Kathy "Kat" Greenfield, LMBT

NC LMBT #13854

Kathy (Kat) Greenfield, LMBT is a graduate of The Cortiva Institute in Chicago, IL and also attended the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare. She enjoys working with clients dealing with pain management issues as well as those who just want to relax. As a doula, Kat also has a special interest in providing Pre-Natal Massages to expectant moms.

Kat chose a career in Massage Therapy because she finds it exciting to educate and encourage others to obtain stress reduction and help facilitate their overall wellness.  Her favorite thing about working with clients is meeting numerous unique individuals and creating a treatment session customized to their needs.

Until recently, Kat worked at Balance Day Spa, which our owner, Felicia, founded in 1996. Kat is excited to begin this next step in her professional journey and is accepting clients on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and Fridays thru Sundays during regular spa hours.



Daniel Hyde, LMBT

NC LMBT #13788

Daniel Hyde is a 2011 graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine who provides both massage therapy and classes at A to Zen. His background of Marital Arts and fitness which Karate, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Chaun goes back to junior high school. These disciplines formed the basis for his interest in massage therapy and healing while also helping Daniel withstand the physical and mental stresses he experienced during his service in the military.

While Daniel provides excellent massages for relaxation and pain relief through Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, he specializes in more sports-oriented therapies that harmonize well with his marital arts background and training. He offers two unique styles of massage including Thai Massage and Tui Na now available at A to Zen.

Daniel has moved to Concord and is no longer accepting new clients. For specific pain relief work, we suggest Gabriela and Dee, two of our Senior therapists who enjoy providing ongoing pain management for their clients.

Rene Reynolds, LMBT

NC LMBT #05819

After retiring from a professional dance career in New York City, Rene Reynolds, LMBT graduated from the Shiatsu and Healing center in Rockville, Maryland in 2002 and The Baltimore School of Massage in 2005. In 2008, she also became a Certified Yoga Teacher through a training program in Boone, NC. René also completed her Masters Degree of Classical Chinese Medicine at Jung Tao School in Sugar Grove, North Carolina in 2015. René’s bodywork and massage techniques provide intuitively customized care, offering a combination of Asian and western techniques through modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, hot stones, pre and post natal, Reiki and aromatherapy.

What René enjoys most about working with A to Zen clients:”I love the process that’s shared between my client and myself within each session. This is through not only massage, but also includes educating, encouraging and inspiring you into the end result of peace – and seeing you transition into a ‘feel-good’ place. I strive to help you get re-balanced in body mind and spirit.”

When René is not at work, she is usually studying and LOVES to knit.

René is currently on a leave of absence from A to Zen. We suggest you try a session with Etiska or Stephanie while René is away.


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