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Our Owner
Felicia Brown, LMBT
NC LMBT# 798


Felicia Brown is the owner of A to Zen as well as a licensed massage therapist. She has been voted Best Massage Therapist in the Triad by the readers of GoTriad Magazine and has worked with a number of her loyal clients since she began her practice in 1994. Felicia specializes in blending pain relief, pampering and deep relaxation using a variety of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage as well as Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release.

Felicia is also the founder of Balance Day Spa, a full-service day spa which grew out of her original massage practice. Though she sold Balance in 2005, Felicia continues to provide training, education and marketing coaching for massage, spa, and wellness professionals. (Visit her coaching website at She is a sought-after public speaker with appearances at many national and international conferences and is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach.  She is also the author of seven books, including Every Touch Marketing; Creating Lifetime Clients; Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage Spa & Wellness Business; Wisdom of the Stone; The Sunflower Princess; and Sunflower Wisdom, all of which are available at A to Zen and on Amazon. Several of her books are also available in Spanish.

Felicia is driven to inspire her massage clients as well as other massage/spa professionals and entrepreneurs. Her personal philosophy is to share her knowledge and experiences with others to help them become successful. This practice of “cooperative competition” has been a cornerstone of her career ever since she became a massage therapist in 1994. Felicia continues to apply this way of thinking in her coaching, consulting and teaching.

A native of Greensboro, North Carolina, Felicia is a casually competitive triathlete who also enjoys running, yoga, reading, cooking, travel, and spa/travel adventures of most any sort. She likes volunteering and has worked in the past with the Melanoma Research Foundation, Greensboro Jaycees, Mobile Meals, Triad Health Project, The MS Society, and MDA to name a few. Felicia is married to David Clayton, and together they have two dogs, Dolly and Buster, both who are rescues.

Billy Johnson, LMBT

NC LMBT #4689

Billy Johnson lives in Greensboro, NC. He has been a massage therapist since 2004 and is a graduate of the Professional Massage Program at Guilford Technical Community College. His favorite type of massage to do is Swedish Massage since it’s good for relieving pain and muscle tension. It not only addresses your ailments, but will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed, as well.

Billy says: “My favorite type of clients to work with are ones who bring good energy into a session; that allow themselves to relax and show their appreciation for my work afterwards. Not only are they given good energy but they are passing it on as well.”

Dee Manieri, LMBT

NC LMBT #7314
Licensed Esthetician #564)

Are you seeking chronic pain relief from an occupational or sports injury that has manifested over a period of time, and ready to try massage therapy as a way to heal your body and manage your pain instead of having traditional surgery? Are you seeking chronic stress relief from your occupation, personal or family life and ready to try massage therapy as a way to unwind and manage your stress level instead of having to take traditional medications? Are you ready to discover the many health benefits of receiving regular massage sessions to help with these issues?

Through professional, therapeutic massage therapy sessions, Dee provides a safe space to unwind, release tension, and heal from chronic pain. Dee enjoys customizing her massage sessions depending on each client’s wants and needs and also enjoys providing focused massage sessions for chronic pain relief clients who need extra attention to specific areas. Dee can also enhance your massage therapy sessions with hot stones, heated bamboo or cupping to maximize pain relief or relaxation.  can also recommend stretches or retail items to help with selfcare in between your massage sessions.

Dee is a 3rd generation native of Greensboro, NC. She graduated from the Professional Massage Therapy Program at GTCC in High Point, NC in 2007 and from the Esthetics Program at Dudley Beauty College in Greensboro, NC in 2001. Dee is professionally certified and/or trained in the following massage modalities:  Deep Tissue, Sports, Medical, Table Thai, Hot Stone, Heated Bamboo, Cupping, Prenatal, Fertility, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Bellanina Facelift, and Gemstone Facial. Dee is also a Nationally Approved Provider for Continuing Education for Massage Therapists and for Estheticians in North Carolina.

Dee looks forward to helping you on your way to a healthier, happier, pain and stress-free life through regular therapeutic massage sessions.


Etiska Goolsby, LMBT Bio

NC LMBT #16080

Etiska Goolsby is a graduate of the Massage Therapy Program at Living Arts Institute in Winston-Salem, NC. She enjoys relaxation massages with variations of pressure to relieve muscle tension, pain, and the daily stress that can leave most of us drained. Etiska enjoys incorporating aromatherapy during her sessions to enhance relaxation and to help relieve congestion, headaches, and seasonal allergies.

Etiska’s passion for massage has lead her to working with helping clients reduce their stress levels by receiving regular massages. Educating her clients on the benefits of receiving regular massage help keep one’s life in balance as a whole, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, frequent weekend get-a-ways, riding her bike on nature trails and exploring new restaurants.

Kathy "Kat" Greenfield, LMBT

NC LMBT #13854

Kathy (Kat) Greenfield, LMBT is a graduate of The Cortiva Institute in Chicago, IL and also attended the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare. She enjoys working with clients dealing with pain management issues as well as those who just want to relax. As a doula, Kat also has a special interest in providing Pre-Natal Massages to expectant moms.

Kat chose a career in Massage Therapy because she finds it exciting to educate and encourage others to obtain stress reduction and help facilitate their overall wellness.  Her favorite thing about working with clients is meeting numerous unique individuals and creating a treatment session customized to their needs.

Kat has a busy schedule with her regular clientele and not currently taking new clients outside of those who have already seen her at A to Zen. 



Afton Reitzel, LMBT

NC LMBT #16834

Afton Reitzel is a graduate of Living Arts Institute in Winston Salem. She most enjoys offering a blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage to provide relaxation, pampering and pain relief.
Afton was drawn to Massage Therapy as a profession because of how it had helped her mother and father with ongoing pain issues. This led her to want to help other clients who could benefit from the benefits of massage.
Afton is currently working a limited schedule with returning or referred clients only. Please call 336.334.0044 to request an appointment with her.


Rebecca Benson, LMBT

NC LMBT# 13277

Rebecca Benson grew up in Rome, NY and was a three sport athlete for most of her younger years. Coming from a medical family, she was always interested in the body and how it worked. After healing from an intense illness in 2012, she deeply knew helping others heal was a life path she was called to serve. Rebecca graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at Forsyth Tech and began her career in the healing arts in 2013. She’s been a full-time Massage Therapist since then and is thrilled to be working at A to Zen.

Rebecca believes the greater her client can relax, the deeper the level of healing can occur. She has a way of making others feel at ease, heard, and understood with compassion. With training in a variety of modalities, including Swedish, deep tissue, and therapeutic, Hot Stone, Sports, Trigger Point therapy, TMJD relief, pre-natal, Reiki, and stone medicine, Rebecca likes to help her clients de-stress and move out of pain. She believes treating the body as a whole (mind, body, spirit) offers a more healing experience during sessions. As one with a good knowledge of holistic health, Rebecca really enjoys helping others find the keys to open their doors to a happier, healthier life.  Rebecca especially has a heart for clients from older generations, those experiencing pain, grief, stress, anxiety, and the LGBTQ community.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys making art and music, camping, skiing, and spending time with her loving community of friends and family.


Rebecca is available for appointments Saturday through Wednesday. CLICK HERE to request an appointment.

Mary Stewart, LMBT

NC LMBT #17852

Mary Stewart, LMBT graduated from Kneaded Energy School of Massage in Greensboro in 2018.  Mary also has a BS in Early Childhood Education and an MEd in Reading Education from the University of Central Florida.  She grew up in Naples, Florida and called the Orlando area home for 15 years.  She arrived in the world of massage therapy after leaving a career in public education in Orlando, Florida in 2013.  Mary loved working with her students but became increasingly frustrated with emphasis on standardized testing. She decided to follow her heart to be in contribution to the world in a different way.

After relocating to North Carolina to be closer to family, she decided to “follow her bliss,” as Joseph Campbell says.  If she was going to make a living doing something, she wanted to love what she did and enjoy going to work every day.  She volunteered and worked with dogs before deciding to attend yoga teacher training in Asheville in 2015, where she discovered the importance of therapeutic touch.  Yoga teacher training was the final push she needed to realize that massage therapy was something she wanted to pursue as a career.

Mary believes that becoming a Massage Therapist is the culmination of why she left public education.  She is a life-long learner and is looking forward to learning different massage modalities in the coming years. For now, Mary primarily offers relaxation through Swedish massage and believes that through relaxation, clients can find relief from stress and pain.

Mary loves dogs (she has two rescues, Lucha and Sagan), hiking, art, science, history, reading, yoga, meditation, and learning new things.

Mary is currently accepting new clients! CLICK HERE to view her schedule and availability.


Alicia Bonner, LMBT

NC LMBT #17228

Alicia Bonner is a graduate of the Massage Therapy Program at Living Arts Institute in Winston-Salem, NC. She enjoys providing therapeutic massages with variations of pressure and trigger point work to relieve muscle tension and pain.  Alicia also enjoys incorporating stretches during her sessions to enhance range of motion.

Alicia’s passion for massage has led her to pursue more of a sports-based interest in massage. She spends time after each session educating her clients on the benefits of receiving regular massage as well as self-care. In her spare time, Alicia enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, and yoga.

Alicia is available Thursday – Saturday at A to Zen. Click here to look at her current schedule and request an appointment!


Fran Heefner, LMBT

NC LMBT #17296

Fran Heefner, LMBT attended The New York College of Health Professions in Syosset, NY, and graduated in 2005. She has over twelve years experience working in a wellness massage office, two chiropractic offices and also with private clients. Fran recently moved from NY to NC and is happy to be working at A to Zen.
Fran is trained in Swedish massage, Prenatal massage, Foot Reflexology and Hot Stone massage. Her passion is helping people relax and heal from within. As a wife and mother of grown children, she especially enjoys helping women, who as caregivers, tend to neglect themselves. She also loves caring for expecting moms and strongly feels the need to pamper those who need it the most.
Fran says: “After being a full time mom for sixteen years, in my late forties, I decided to go back to school. I had a background in the health profession industry as a dental assistant, which made me want to continue in the health field. I chose massage therapy because I had a friend who was a massage therapist and I thought it would be exciting and rewarding.
In my spare time I love to read, relax at home sitting by the pond (I miss the beach), spend time with my husband walking and bike riding while enjoying nature, and spur of the moment road trips to NY and PA to see family.”
Fran is currently available Tuesdays and Wednesdays at A to Zen. Click here to look at her current schedule and request an appointment!


Jennifer Thompson Wolford, LMBT

NC LMBT #14811

Jennifer Wolford, LMBT graduated from the Forsyth Tech Therapeutic Massage program in 2015. She specializes in sessions that include both relaxation and more focused, deep tissue work to alleviate and prevent pain from built up tension and injuries. Jennifer believes both are very beneficial for the wellness and quality of life for her clients and thoroughly enjoys helping them achieve that.  
In her free time, Jennifer loves any time spent with her husband, family and friends, and her 4 year old Lab Retriever, Charlie. 
She is excited to start the next chapter of her career at A to Zen!
CLICK HERE to view Jennifer’s schedule and request an appointment with her.  For a limited time, you may schedule your first 60 or 90 minute Custom Massage with Jennifer for $65/$95.




Elaine Phillips Blackwell, LMBT

NC LMBT#10742

Elaine Phillips Blackwell, LMBT graduated from Kneaded Energy School of Massage in Greensboro, NC in 2010. She chose Massage as a profession because she wanted to be able to see a difference in people –especially when they are stressed and upset – and to see them leave relaxed and in a better state of mind.


Elaine loves to do a variety of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Therapeutic Bamboo, Sticks & Stones (deep tissue using both hot stones and warm bamboo), Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Prenatal, Chair Massage, and Medical Massage.


Elaine says: “I love making a difference. I enjoy working with clients and being able to watch their progression towards wellness.”


Elaine is busy with other projects and not currently accepting new massage therapy clients. If you are a returning client and wish to see Elaine again, please let us know and she will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

Gabriella Spang, LMBT

NC LMBT #12512

Gabriela has the unique benefit of being a second-generation massage therapist. From an early age, she internalized the value of massage, for both relaxation and pain relief, and continues to utilize this wealth of informal training in her own massage practice.

Gabriela completed formal training at the Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville, NC in 2012. She was affectionately nicknamed “Teacher” by her class because of her natural talent for helping her classmates understand tough concepts and techniques. And in fact, Gabriela is a Credentialed Birth-Three Montessori Educator with 10 years experience working with children. Gabriela puts clients at ease who are new to massage or may be unsure of how massage may benefit them. She loves to talk with her clients about stress, discomfort, or pain they may be experiencing so they can get the maximum benefit from their massage session and leave feeling empowered and educated about their unique situation and workable solutions.

Gabriela is passionate about sharing the myriad benefits of custom massage with her clients at A to Zen. In particular, she enjoys working with clients who are seeking a blend of relaxation massage and pain relief – and who are eager to make regular massage a part of their self care plan! Gabriela welcomes a diverse clientele, including pediatric and geriatric clients. Her goal is to partner with each client so that their session is truly personalized! Her skills include Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Prenatal, and Hot Stone. She also offers hands on, interactive Parent-Baby massage classes that empower parents to use safe, nurturing touch as part of their parenting tool kit.

In her free time Gabriela enjoys spending time with her friends and family (husband, step-children and animals), cooking, doing yoga, and getting outdoors!

Gabriella is out on maternity leave and will return to A to Zen in January 2020.

Donald Osborne, LMBT

NC LMBT #10341

Donald Osborne, LMBT graduated from the Living Arts Institute in Winston-Salem, N in 2013 with honors. He has also a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Fordham University in the Bronx, NY.

Donald’s massage techniques include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones, Foot Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Oncology Massage and Sports Massage. His intuitive touch is soothing yet deep, helping your pain and tension to gently melt away as you relax under his touch.

Donald says: “I love this job. Hearing my clients say I found areas they did not even realize were troubling them before coming to me, leaving them totally relaxed and rejuvenated is wonderful. I feel my psychology degree adds to my ability to connect with my clients, not just on a muscular level but also on a mental level, as it gives me the insight to just be able to listen.  This enables them to feel at ease both mentally and physically while on my table.  Having the ability to ease my clients’ pain and tension – and being told I have ‘healing hands/touch’ – are the most rewarding things for me. Did I mention I love this job?!”

Donald is currently accepting new and returning clients for 30 and 60 Minute Custom Massages. He would love to see you!

Andrew Bushnoe, LMBT

NC LMBT #16242

Andrew Bushnoe, LMBT is a graduate of Kneaded Energy School of Massage in Greensboro, NC. Because Andrew’s mother is also a massage therapist (practicing in South Carolina), he has been exposed to the world of massage since he was 15 years old and a supporter of Alternative Therapies since childhood. Andrew is also a Martial Artist, studying Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.

As a Massage Therapist, Andrew enjoys helping people relax and relieve any stress or tension they may be holding on to. In addition to helping people de-stress, Andrew wants to help his clients attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the future, he also hopes to become a personal trainer as well.

Andrew is available for appointments Saturday through Wednesday. CLICK HERE to schedule a Massage or Reiki appointment with Andrew.

Shalae Walker, LMBT

NC LMBT #17994

Shalae Walker LMBT is a Greensboro native. She has been in the health and wellness industry since 2014, starting off as a personal trainer, then moving on to becoming a chiropractic assistant. In 2015, she started to take an interest in massage and physical therapy care. In 2016, Shalae started the Massage Therapy Program at Gwinnett College in Sandy Springs, GA, but paused her study temporarily to join the Army. While stationed in Fort Riley, KS, Shalae finished her Massage Therapy training at Bellus Academy, refining her skills and techniques by practicing  on Military personnel and student athletes at Kansas State.

Shalae says, “I love helping people improve their overall health! I perform each massage the way I would like a massage therapist to take care of me, whether it is for relaxation or pain relief. If I can help release any tension, I know I’m on the right path!

Silvia Durango, LMBT

NC LMBT #14415

Silvia Durango, LMBT graduated from Body Therapy Institute in 2014. She chose massage therapy as a career because she has always enjoyed helping others. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, being outdoors and finding creative outlets.

Silvia says: “Being a massage therapist has allowed me to help people and still be creative while on the job, I love it! Educating my clients on things they can do at home that will benefit them and bringing awareness to their body is something I really enjoy.”

Silvia is taking new clients and is available for appointments Thursday through Monday. Schedule Your Appointment with Silvia here or call us at 336.334.0044.

Thomas Annese, LMBT

NC LMBT #17810

Thomas Annese, LMBT has been a licensed massage therapist for 20+ years. He started his career in 1997 when he attended the New York College for Wholistic Education and Research. Graduating in 1999 with an Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage, Tom’s continuing education and ongoing experience – including over twelve thousand individual massage sessions – has enabled him to develop his own distinctive massage technique.
Thousands of people have been able to work through serious injuries and chronic pain thanks to his help and guidance. Many of these clients have continued to work with Tom to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. He is excited to begin work with A to Zen clients seeking pain relief and injury recovery, especially those with shoulder issues and problems.
Tom is accepting new clients, and would especially love to meet those who are ready to get out of pain.
Please click here to request your appointment with Tom.


Mark Day, LMBT

NC LMBT #18455

Mark Day is a graduate of the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork. There he learned how to treat chronic pain and remove postural imbalances. Mark strongly believes in massage as part of a whole-body approach to health and vitality. As such, he is passionate about working with clients to achieve specific goals. Sessions are focused on reducing pain by removing dysfunction and increasing pliability of body tissues.

Mark gained an interest in massage and bodywork through training in martial arts. As an instructor in the Russian System of fighting and health, he has explored innovative movement, advanced breath work, and practical relaxation. Massage is an integral part of these explorations and is used to not only restore, but also to make the body and mind more resilient for challenges of life.

As a new addition to A to Zen, Mark is happy to have found a Greensboro home to practice his craft. Come see him, it’s a decision you’ll be happy with.

Mark is available a variety of times and days at A to Zen. Click here to look at his current schedule and request an appointment!



Randi Hunsucker, LMBT

NC LMBT #08283

Randi Hunsucker graduated from GTCC’s Massage Therapy program in 2008 and returned to graduate from their Physical Therapist Assistant program in 2011. She has always had a passion for helping people recover from injury and maintain their health. Randi has worked at several nursing facilities in Greensboro with an emphasis on stroke, acute orthopedic injury and chronic illness rehabilitation. She has additional training in deep tissue, medical massage, oncology massage, hot stone and prenatal massage therapy techniques.

Randi believes that incorporating physical activity, strengthening, stretching and healing bodywork are the keys to pain management and achieving our best life. She believes massage therapy is an important component for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, whether it’s to maintain our sanity, control pain and/or improve our quality of life.

When Randi isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with the people she loves the most, reading, wood-burning and learning. She believes her dogs are people and treats them as such. Randi also enjoys yoga, walking quickly while managing to never break out in an actual run and strength training.

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” – Mother Teresa

Randi is available a variety of times and days at A to Zen. CLICK HERE to look at her current schedule and request an appointment!



Nikki Conrad, LMBT

NC LMBT #18323

Nikki is a graduate of Southeastern Institute of Neuromuscular Massage in Charlotte, NC. She specializes in Deep Tissue and Swedish massage.

Nikki has a knack for finding clients’ problem areas and being able to provide relief from them. Her main goals are to relieve pain and assist in making structural differences to her clients.

Nikki loves providing her clients with a safe place to disappear from the world for a while. She is available a variety of times and days at A to Zen. CLICK HERE to look at her current schedule and request an appointment!



Adam Merchant, LMBT

NC LMBT #18760

Adam Merchant, LMBT  graduated from the Kneaded Energy School of Massage in 2019. After a life changing experience with Lyme disease, he retired from his work as a lineman and discovered a passion for massage therapy. Adam can personally testify to the positive healing effects massage can have and enjoys being able to help others.
Adam is trained and proficient in techniques including Swedish/relaxation, Deep Tissue, Tension headache, and Reflexology. His ability to customize his massage resonates with the needs of each individual.
In his personal time Adam enjoys playing guitar, woodworking, music, coffee, chainsaws, high voltage experiments, and snacks. He is excited to start his career at A to Zen!
More information about Adam is coming soon. In the meantime, book your first 60 or 90 Minute Custom Massage with Adam for $65/$95. CLICK HERE to request an appointment with him





Due to an Executive Order by the Governor of NC related COVID-19, A to Zen has been closed since late March. Though it is currently uncertain if the Order will be lifted or extended, it is certain we WILL reopen. However, we will not do so until we can properly protect our staff, clients and community. When we are ready to re-open, we will post that information here and send out an announcement to our clients. 


In the meantime, we are taking steps to make A to Zen as safe as possible. This includes purchasing air purifiers for all treatment rooms to continuously clean the air of viruses, bacteria & mold; updating sanitation and disinfection protocols for all areas of the spa; and getting our entire team certified in Spa Sanitation, among other things. 


Please stay connected with us as we share wellness, relaxation and stress management tips as well as ideas of self care, inspiration and mindful activities for adults and kids through our Facebook Community at Visit our Specials & Events Page for more ideas on how to relax , stay positive and provide support for our team during this off time.


Thank you for your support and business. Be well and stay safe!

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