Felicia's dog Dolly in the snow

Felicia’s dog, Dolly, in the snow winter 2015

With each weather system, issue or storm, we act on a case by case basis.

In large part, our decision to be open or closed rests with the staff members who are scheduled. If they feel comfortable driving to A to Zen and wish to work, it is their choice to do so. If not, we give them complete freedom to decide to stay home.
Similarly, we will not penalize clients who feel the need to cancel appointments due to unsafe driving conditions. We do not want anyone to endanger their health in order to get a massage!

That being said, we GREATLY appreciate as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule. If you do not get a call, text or email canceling your appointment on a “snow day”, we are still planning to see you:-)

Thank you in advance for your care and consideration around these super-fun weather issues. We hope you stay safe, warm and relaxed no matter what the weather brings!

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