Thai Massage Service

Thai Massage is commonly referred to as “Thai Yoga Massage” and combines the benefits of massage, acupressure and dynamic yoga like stretching. People often say they love Thai massage because they feel like they had a massage and work out rolled into one session! Thai massage is particularly enjoyable for people who want to relax deeply, increase flexibility, and improve overall energy levels.
Two important elements to be aware of before your Table Thai Massage at A to Zen:
  • Traditionally Thai Massage takes place on a padded floor mat. At A to Zen, we adapt the best of Thai Massage to the massage table for our clients comfort.
  • Because of the dynamic movements clients will remain fully clothed throughout the session. Please wear comfortable, stretchy pants and a shirt like you would wear to a yoga class.


60 Minutes $100          90 Minutes $140          120 Minutes $180

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